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12 January 2011

Uang Dalam Bongkahan Es

Frozen Money | Sumber:buzznsms

Dalam rangka kampanye promosi suatu produk label clothing terbaru. Ada acara yang sangat unik dan inovatif. Bertempat di Sydney, es balok dengan berat 400 pound di letakan di tengah area 'the Martin Place' dengan sejumlah uang sebanyak $1000 Australi di dalamnya. Untuk mendapatkannya banyak pemburu dollar yang kesulitan, kelihatan dari ekspresi wajah mereka....

02 December 2010

Jennifer Jasmin: 'Wow Irfan Bachdim's cute and nice!'

Irfan Bachdim has been starting as football player in the national team of Indonesia. And the hottest news was that when Indonesia against Malaysia, Irfan Bachdim managed to weaken the Malaysian goalkeeper in injury time. So the position of the score ended up being 5-1 for Indonesia.
As a result, the figure Irfan become trending topic on Twitter .... Jennifer Jasmin Kurniawan also mentioned. Who is Jennifer?

17 November 2010

Bimbim Slank Nyanyi, Titi Sjuman Main Drum

Awalnya hanya menjadi penggemar, namun tiba-tiba momentum itu datang. Seperti sebuah mimpi menjadi nyata. Seorang Titi Sjuman akhirnya berkolaborasi dengan Slank, band yang selama ini hanya menjadi band pujaan Titi. Menurut informasi, mereka akan segera tampil pada salah satu panggung di Bandung. Titi yang memang seorang pemukul drum lulusan sekolah musik, sarjana musik Institut Musik Daya Indonesia, Jakarta, jurusan drum.

Titi Sjuman sejak SMP sudah mengidolakan Slank, sehingga kesempatan untuk berkolaborasi dalam satu panggung merupakan bagian yang spesial baginya. Menurut pandangan Titi cara bermain drum Bimbim hebat sekali, dan personil yang lainnya tidak kalah menonjol permainannya.

"Jarang banget band-band lain ada seperti Slank," ~Titi Sjuman

Bagi Slank bisa berkolaborasi dengan seorang pemain drum handal yang notabene perempuan cantik, merupakan suatu kehormatan. Dan juga kesempatan bagi Slank untuk tampil beda di panggung.

"Drummer tercantik se-Indonesia sapa lagi, ya dia. Ya pengen yang beda aja," ~Bimbim Slank

Langkah yang diambil Titi untuk berkolaborasi ini sangat diamini sang suami, Wong Aksan. Bahkan, Wong menganjurkan Titi supaya banyak belajar dari band sekelas Slank. []

Tips Nge-Drum a la Titi Sjuman
1) Jika kamu berkesempatan kolaborasi dengan satu band bagus, pelajari yang tidak ada di pelajaran tertulis.
2) Tahan emosi, atur tempo.
3) Jangan terlalu banyak teknik tapi berikan pukulan berarti saja.
4) Berikan hentakan-hentakan yang bikin goyang, beri kenyamanan buat sang vokalis.

09 November 2010

Toyo Ito

Toyo Ito at CAADRIA 2006Image via Wikipedia
First of all, i just saw a picture of stadium in Taiwan which is have a sollar system for the building. The building was created by a architect i never know it before, Toyo Ito. So after all, i've been trying to googling to know who he really is ....

Toyo Ito is a Japanese architect known for making a conceptual architecture, in which he attempted to simultaneously reveals physical and virtual world. He is a leading exponent of architecture That addresses the contemporary notion of a "simulated" city, and has been called "one of the world's most innovative and influential architects." He was a leading exponent of contemporary architecture that addresses the idea of a simulated "city", and has been called "one of the world's most innovative and influential architects."

Apparently, it's a lot of work that have been generated. I do not know about the world of architects, this makes me ashamed ...But so be it ... this is the benefit of the internet .. whatever we do not know will soon find out. We just click and surf to a single destination network in the world. Just enter a keyword in the search engines. Let google find and even give advice according to the keywords that we have written.
Well, back to Toyo Ito..Here are some Toyo Ito's works during a career in architect ....

    Mikimoto Ginza Building, at Ginza Tokyo Japan,...Image via Wikipedia

TOD'S in Omotesando by Toyo Ito.Image via Wikipedia

Tower of Winds, at Yokohama Kanagawa Japan, de...Image via Wikipedia

Serpentine Pavillion 2002 by architect Toyo Ito.Image via Wikipedia
Itu saja... Barangkali ada yang mau menambahkan :) ? []

20 October 2010

The Mirror of Life in Bandung

This morning I've got a short message sent from a man who claimed to be my father by cell phone that I have. Message contains a command that I must immediately send the money at 50,000 rupiah. Sender of the message claimed to be the father of my own.

Banknotes of the Indonesian rupiahImage via Wikipedia

But I do not want to be fooled at all! Because I really understand the character of my father.

# 1 from its the way asking for money, he does not show that character my father at all. He's using the Indonesian language .... In fact my father is very strong regional languages, Sundanese.

Then ...# 2 how could a famous artist from West Java to ask for money to their children only 50,000 rupiah? It is highly unlikely! Come on, it makes me more convinced it was not my father ... this incident really makes me laugh!Well .. this is the screenshot:

It means something like this:
...Here's your father, was using a cell phone belonging to someone else, please buy this father pulses worth 50.000 dollars to this number: 085 215 504 392. Your father is in a problem in the police station. Please do not call or send a message first. Let your father a call later. important.

That is the mirror of life in Bandung or anywhere in Indonesia. Whether because of lack of work or it has become a job as a fraud ... This is a world filled with cunning trick! []

13 October 2010

Snoring as Hoax

nerd There was a man who deliberately snoring next to wife...Have a look!

Apparently, it's just a trick ...

10 October 2010

Would You Believe It?

Picture a cliff in Burma. The photos in just one special day of the year can be taken. This day the sun rays with a particular angle is reflected on the rocks:

If you still understand the miracle of this image did not rotate the picture: